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Running Comfortably with Bunions

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Can one still run well with bunions? Yes, with some precautions.The Palm Beach County Council PTA and local partners will host the Palm Beach County PTA 5K on November 1st. This run/walk will be held in Lake Worth, FL and has the goal of raising awareness about how exercise and healthy habits contribute to overall wellness. Online registration is available for a couple more weeks, but we understand if a problem bunion has you thinking twice about participating in this great community event. There’s good news, though: running with a bunion is still an option for you!

5K runs can be a tremendous amount of fun and serve to raise awareness for worthy causes, like the benefits of healthy living, but the development of a bunion can put a damper on things. This doesn’t have to be the case when you use these following tips:

  • Pick the right running shoes – This means choosing models that have ample space in the front for your toes. Ones that are too tight or narrow will only aggravate your bunion and cause unnecessary pain for you.
  • Wear padding – When the condition isn’t too prominent, padding might be enough to prevent pain from a bunion. If you would like specific examples of pads that would work best for you, contact our foot specialists here at Palm Beach Podiatry and we’ll be glad to help.
  • Tape it up – Our foot specialists can give you instructions on how to properly tape up your affected foot to prevent pain when you are running with a bunion.
  • Use custom orthotics – These inserts that are customized for your unique feet can help to redistribute pressure on your foot. This can keep forces away from the bunion and reduce the risk of pain.
  • Try yoga – Yoga may seem like an unconventional way of making a bunion less painful as you run, but this practice can provide body awareness that extends to how your foot lands and whether your lower limbs are lined up correctly. It will also loosen the hips, which results in a less rigid, more yielding form.

If you want to be able to run as comfortably as possible in spite of your bunion, Palm Beach Podiatry is here to help. Schedule your appointment online or call (561) 734-3100 for our Boynton Beach office, (772) 468-0089 for our Fort Pierce office, or (561) 791-7773 for our Loxahatchee, FL office.

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