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Footwear Tips for Function - Not Just Fashion

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When it comes to choosing shoes, consider health over style.We haven’t had a chance yet to check out the offerings from the 2015 show, but browse through photos from the 2014 Milan Fashion Week show held in September of last year and you’ll see some zany shoe styles. Sandals decorated with feathers; embroidered, sheer black ankle highs attached to 4-inch heels; red and white cow print boots; and one pair that looked like metal mesh from toe to thigh were some of the more enjoyable craziness that was strutted up and down the runways. Fashion can be fun, but when we talk about footwear tips, we are more interested in function.

Another thing you may notice from the pictures is some of the foot conditions the models have. Hammertoes, bunions, and pump bumps abound. Granted, other factors also contribute to these problems, but shoe choices definitely can aggravate them. So what should you look for when choosing shoes?

The most important thing is that they fit well. No pinching your toes, rubbing your heels, or slip-sliding around. They should have room for your toes to move around, with a half inch or so of room beyond your longest toe. Footwear should fit snugly but not tightly on your heels, and should not press on the sides of your forefoot. The heels shouldn’t be too high, either.

Second, do they support your arch? Everyone’s foot is different. Low arches need stabilizing support to keep you from overpronating, high arches need support plus great cushioning where your foot has more pressure—the heel and ball of your foot.

Third, do they fit the activity you are wearing them for? A day at the office needs a different type of shoe than a hike on rough terrain. If you play sports, get the type that is made for your particular activity.

Finally, whenever possible, get a shoe made of breathable material. If air doesn’t circulate around your feet, you will have more problems with sweating and dampness, which is the ideal environment for fungal and bacterial infections like athlete’s foot or toenail fungus to thrive.

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