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Why Bones Break – Understanding Broken Feet and Ankles

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Palm Beach Podiatry can detect and treat fractures of the feet and anklesOn Saturday, October 24, all you golfers out there can help support Main Street Fort Pierce by taking part in the Halloween Golf Tournament hosted by Gator Trace Golf & Country Club! In what promises to be a “hauntingly” good time, you can have fun and benefit our local community. While at Gator Trace, you may try to break your best score. Fortunately, hitting the links is not a common reason why ankle and foot bones break!

Golfing might not be one, but there are various reasons as to why ankle and foot bones do break. The most commonly associated cause of a broken bone is physical trauma. This can happen as the result of:

  • Auto accidents. The physical forces from a car crash can lead to broken bones that may require surgery to be properly repaired.
  • Dropping heavy items. The risk of this common cause of fractures can be decreased by the use of safety shoes or enlisting help when moving furniture and other heavy objects.
  • Falls and missteps. Tripping, falling (well, it’s actually the impact with the ground that causes a break), and even a misstep are all potential paths to broken bones.
  • Athletic participation. Whether during practice or competition, athletic activities bring a certain degree of risk for physical injury.

Not all beaks are the result of a single traumatic incident, however. We treat many patients who come to our offices with pain and tenderness that has increased over time, a common sign of a stress fracture. These fractures are hairline cracks that often develop as a result of repeated activities that place tremendous amounts of cumulative force on the bones in the feet, ankles, and lower legs. This is widely regarded as an “overuse” injury.

No matter the reason behind a suspected break, be sure to schedule your appointment with any of our three Palm Beach area offices if you have injured your foot or ankle. We can assess the situation and provide the treatment plan you need. Contact our Boynton Beach office by calling (561) 734-3100, our Loxahatchee office by calling (561) 791-7773, or our Fort Pierce office at (772) 468-0089. Of course, you can always request your appointment at any location through our online form.

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