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What to Expect When You Break Your Foot

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A broken foot will engage in a natural healing process, but most likely needs some help.Motorcycle enthusiasts have a great opportunity to hang out, compare bikes, and relax after a day of riding here in Fort Pierce, FL. The second Thursday of the month (November 12 is the next one) join fellow bikers for live music and fun at Bike Night Fort Pierce outside Cobb’s Landing and Original Tiki Bar. The men and women who are passionate about motorcycling give their Harleys and Hondas a lot of tender love and care and are quick to fix anything that breaks on their bike. Everyone who relies on their feet for mobility and independence needs to take the same kind of care for a broken foot!

When your body breaks a bone, it goes through a standard process comprised of three steps:

  • Inflammation – This step happens right away and creates the initial framework and stability that will ultimately allow new bone tissue to be produced.
  • Bone production – After inflammation has produced enough of the clotted blood to provide structure, cartilage and fibrous tissue (soft callus) replaces that initial framework. As time progresses, the hard tissue, in turn, replaces the soft callus.
  • Bone remodeling – In the final phase, which can take several months, bone tissue continues developing and becoming compact. This takes it back to its original shape. Blood circulation continues to improve, which is necessary for strengthening the tissue.

During recovery from a broken foot, it is important to immobilize the affected area, avoid placing weight on it too soon, and use physical therapy for optimal rehabilitation. The entire process can take a month and a half to two months for the bone to mend to a significant degree, although this time is often less for children.

If you suspect that you may have a broken bone in your foot, Palm Beach Podiatry can evaluate the situation and determine if this is actually the case. In some instances other conditions such as ankle sprains can have similar symptoms, so it is important to receive an accurate diagnosis. This enables you to receive the appropriate treatment for the condition that is actually affecting you.

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