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How to Prevent Toenail Fungus this Summer

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Summer is finally upon us. It’s time to enjoy pool parties, backyard barbeques and weekend retreats. Nothing is more exciting then the smell of food on the grill and hearing the waves crash onto the beach. It’s a magical season; however, there are still some precautions you need to take the next time you get ready to bask in the sun’s warm rays. While toenail fungus prevention might not seem high on your summer to-do list, it’s an important one nonetheless. No one wants a foot condition to keep them from enjoying their summer—so don’t let it. Here are ways you can avoid toenail fungus in Boynton Beach this summer. Toenail Fungus Prevention

Gardeners beware!

Research has shown that people who work in soil (e.g., gardeners) and those who wear plastic-foam shoes are more likely to develop toenail fungus. This doesn’t mean you have to let your garden fall by the wayside.
Instead, the next time you decide to go play in the garden, consider wearing socks. Sure the sight of cotton socks with your Crocs might send you screaming, but you’ll be glad you gave your foot that buffer. Also, cotton socks can help absorb sweat and cover up any exposed cuts. That way you can enjoy your fantastic garden without worrying about your feet.


Shower Shoes

If you are a frequent patron of your local pool, then you know how many people are running in and out of that locker room. Public locker rooms are often a hotbed for germs and fungus. So next time you hit the showers at your gym or pool facility, throw a pair of shower shoes in your bag with you. You can never be too safe.

Proper Shoes

Since it’s warm out anyway, there’s no reason to shove your feet inside a pair of sweaty shoes. This summer, be sure to wear dry shoes that allow your feet to breathe a bit. Open-toed shoes are the best (if, of course, the weather is cooperating). Let your toes hang out in a comfortable and supportive pair of sandals and you won’t have to worry about toenail fungus this summer.

Good Hygiene

It’s important to check your feet regularly so you notice any changes as soon as possible. If you want to avoid nail fungus in Boynton Beach, then make sure to:
  • Trim your toenails straight across
  • Never share nail clippers with anyone
  • Disinfect any pedicure tools you have to stave off bacteria
Unfortunately toenail fungus won’t go away by itself. If you need toenail fungus treatment, then call your Boynton Beach podiatrist at (561) 734-3100.
We would love to hear your tips and advice for keeping your summer feet healthy and looking great! 
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