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The Laser Option for Fungal Nails

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Palm Beach Podiatry can help restore the beauty to fungal toenailsIt can be easy for residents of the Boynton Beach community to take for granted our beaches that bring visitors down here in droves. We are fortunate, though, to be able to head to a place like Oceanfront Park with friends for a weekend barbeque or relax on the sand after a long day at work. If it’s a matter of fungal nails, and not oversight, that keeps you from our beautiful beaches, then perhaps it’s time to consider laser treatment.

Before this therapy became an option, patients essentially had two choices – topical ointments or antifungal pills. Topical medication was less-than-ideal because it couldn’t reach fungus underneath the nail tissue. Pills fought the disease from the inside, but came with the risk of liver damage and other potential side effects.

Now that we have laser therapy as tool for treating fungal nails, the downsides of the other two treatments do not have to be endured. The concentrated wavelength of light penetrates the nail tissue to hit the fungus underneath. The best part of this feature is that the wavelength is specifically calibrated to only target the fungus and leaves your healthy tissue unaffected.

Whereas antifungal pills often come with side effects, this is simply not the case for laser treatment. It is a safe (FDA-approved), effective process done in our office. The procedure itself is rather quick—30 minutes—and patients can walk out and go right into whatever activities they have planned for the rest of their day.

Here at Palm Beach Podiatry, we offer PinPointeTM FootLaserTM as the top option for treating fungal nails in a safe, effective manner. You will be pleased with the clear, healthy nail tissue that grows back and allows you to walk around in sandals and open-toed shoes without embarrassment or self-consciousness. If you want to take care of those unsightly, distorted toenails, treatment with laser is right for you.

Schedule your appointment with our foot specialists online or contact any of our three offices today by calling: (561) 734-3100 for our Boynton Beach, FL location; (561) 791-7773 for our Loxahatchee location; or (772) 468-0089 for our Fort Pierce location.

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