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Tips for Preventing Callus Buildup

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Palm Beach Podiatry has tips for preventing thick skin on your feetWe are still a little unsure how to handle a “Sharknado”—unless “rely on C-list celebrities with chainsaws to save us all” counts—but there are steps you can take to avoid a shark attack in real life. These include such practices as: swim in groups (because sharks are more likely to attack lone individuals), don’t go swimming if you are bleeding, avoid waters with bait fishes, and stay out of the water at dusk, night, or dawn (times when sharks tend to be most active). Thickened skin is not nearly as dangerous as shark attacks, but patients often want to know how to prevent callus buildups and we have some tips to help:

  • Wear properly-fitting shoes. Have both feet measured periodically and enlist the help of professionals if necessary. Go shopping for footwear at night, when your feet are at their largest size.
  • Fit your shoes to the larger foot. Just about everyone has one foot that is larger than the other, so make sure that the footwear you buy fit that foot comfortably. There should be roughly a thumb’s width of space between the front of the shoe and your longest toe.
  • Avoid high heels as much as possible. You don’t have to completely give up your pumps or stilettos, but keep them for special occasions or change into them before and after work (wearing comfortable shoes for your commute).
  • Come to Palm Beach Podiatry for foot deformity treatment. If you have an issue like hammertoes or a bunion, we can provide custom orthotics or padding to help redistribute pressure and prevent callus buildups from bothering you.

Following these tips will help you prevent callus buildups from happening, but Palm Beach Podiatry is ready to help if you are already experiencing issues due to a skin condition. Whether you require professional treatment for corns, calluses, or other such matters, or you would simply like more information on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can use our online form to request an appointment at any of our three locations or you can call (561) 734-3100 for our Boynton Beach, FL office; (561) 791-7773 for our Loxahatchee office; or (772) 468-0089 for our Fort Pierce office.

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