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Help Prevent Turf Toe Issues

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Wearing the right footwear for sports can help prevent painful injuries such as turf toeThe West Palm Beach Department of Parks and Recreation offers sporting programs for those who wish to play softball, basketball, and soccer. Rec sports can be a great way for people of all ages to have fun, get exercise, and fulfill competitive urges. Of course, as is true with any physical endeavor, they also present an opportunity for injury. The good news is that there are often preventative measures you can take to stay safe. We have some information about preventing turf toe that can help decrease your risk.

Turf toe is a condition that develops as a result of the big toe extending backwards beyond its intended range of motion. This sprain happens at the joint where the toe meets the foot and varies in severity from the lesser Grade 1 through a severe Grade 3 sprain.

The injury can certainly be treated, but, as with any medical issue, learning how to prevent turf toe is even better. Here are some hints to help:

  • Choose the right footwear. Pick shoes that offer protection and stability in the toe box. Cleated athletic footwear typically have built-in plastic soles that are especially useful for helping to prevent turf toe.
  • Wear shoes that fit well. Shoes that are excessively tight increase the risk of injuries like turf toe. This is particularly common for football players, but make sure that all athletes in the family have footwear that allows the toes to wiggle.
  • Stretch your toes. Stretching exercises like picking up marbles or pencils with your toes or walking on tiptoe can provide greater flexibility and strength, thereby reducing the risk of turf toe and other foot injuries.

Here at Palm Beach Podiatry we hope that you and your loved ones take the appropriate measures and are able to stay safe while participating in rec sports or doing any physical activity you enjoy. It is important to realize that you can decrease the risk of injury, but it’s difficult to completely prevent it. When foot and ankle issues arise, simply contact us and we will provide the treatment you need.

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