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Travel Tips for Diabetic Feet

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Whether at home or on vacation, diabetic foot care is always important.As the temperatures begin to drop in the northern states, more vacationers will be hitting local beaches, along with the always-popular Miami Beach. The tourists help contribute to our local economy, especially when they go back home and tell friends and family about the wonderful time they had. We hope everyone who visits our communities is able to have a great experience, including staying safe during travel. In order to help you stay safe, whether you are coming down here to Palm Beach, FL or are a local resident who is heading out of town, we want to share travel tips for diabetic feet.

If you live with diabetes, hopefully you are already aware that you have to do things differently than otherwise healthy individuals when it comes to foot care. This means taking extra measures to protect them and quickly identifying any issues. You should inspect your feet on a daily basis, wear shoes that accommodate existing conditions, and stay vigilant when it comes to hygienic practices.

Special considerations should also be taken while traveling if you are diabetic. It is important to:

  • Plan ahead. A key component of diabetic foot care is managing your glucose levels, so be sure to contact your doctor to find out about any adjustments that may be needed for your insulin dosages.
  • Keep your feet comfy. Pack (and wear) diabetic socks and supportive, breathable shoes that keep your feet cool and comfortable.
  • Avoid the temptation to go barefoot. If you’ve come down here for a little fun in the sun, remember that you still need to protect your feet. You don’t have to spend your vacation indoors, but be sure to wear footwear when poolside or on the beach.
  • Maintain your daily foot care routine. Remember, you might be on vacation from work or school, but there is no vacation from diabetes! Be sure to inspect your feet, wash and dry them, and moisturize as you normally would.

For more information on diabetic foot care or additional travel tips for diabetic feet, contact Palm Beach Podiatry for an appointment. You can schedule online or call (561) 734-3100 for our Boynton Beach office, (561) 791-7773 for our Loxahatchee office, or (772) 468-0089 for our Fort Pierce office.

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