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Foot Health and Beauty: Skin and Nail Treatments for Your Feet

The majority of skin and nail issues of the foot are not life-threatening, merely cosmetic. However, it is because of the cosmetic nature of these issues that many refuse to get treatment.

Your feet are unfortunately extremely susceptible to bacteria and viruses due to the fact that they consistently have contact with dirty, unclean surfaces. Think about it…

  • How many times a day does your bare foot touch the ground? How many times has someone else’s foot touched the same ground?

  • How often are your feet crammed into sweaty shoes? How often do you wash your shoes?

  • How often do you bleach your shower or bathroom floor (especially around the toilet)? How often do your feet come in contact with “dirty” tiles?

Healthy skin and nails lend to the overall health of the foot

In addition to these contacts, you also must factor in all of the people who are stepping in the exact same spots you’re stepping in each day. This is a lot of potential germs, bacteria, and viruses that your feet could pick up.

On top of all this, your body itself can develop unsightly and embarrassing skin issues on its own. However, just because they may be embarrassing does not mean you should hide it and just hope that it’ll go away. The best way to deal with skin and nail issues is to see a qualified podiatrist for treatment.

We’ve Seen It All

There is absolutely no need to prolong making an appointment, no matter what kind of skin or nail issue you have. We’ve seen it all—and better yet, we know how to treat it. We care for all kinds of skin and nail abnormalities, including:

How We Treat It All

Once we identify the issue, our offices provide unique and effective treatment options depending on your needs and desires. Unlike most podiatrists, we don’t focus on one type of “cure-all” treatment for individual problems. We provide options, and help you reach an informed decision about your course of treatment.

We are equipped to handle a broader scope of problems than other clinics. Therefore, if you have multiple skin issues, we’ll be prepared to treat them, instead of forcing you to go to several different places. We also pride ourselves in examining your entire leg (excluding the knee) in order to check for problems that you may not have even known about. This way, we can ensure that you’re getting the proper and extensive care you deserve.

Some of our treatment options include:

  • PinPointe FootLaser therapy. This laser treatment has been scientifically designed to promote clear nails in patients who suffer from unsightly nail fungus. Clinically proven, this is without the harmful side effects of oral medications, and typically takes only 30 minutes to perform.

  • Scelerotherapy. This treatment will help reduce the appearance of enlarged spider veins.

  • Surgery. Sometimes surgery to remove the problem is necessary to avoid infection and alleviate pain.

  • Oral medication. Appropriate prescription drugs can help with bacterial or viral infections.

  • Topical medication. Prescription and over-the-counter ointments and creams are sometimes needed to eliminate fungal and bacterial infections.

  • Protective padding. Pads—often made from felt and other soft materials—cushion the friction from footwear and help alleviate inflammation and skin problems.

  • Malady removal. Our podiatry office has a full repertoire of non-invasive corn, callus, and wart removal techniques.

  • Prescription footwear. Specially designed shoes can alleviate pressure on bunion, callus, and corn sites.

  • Orthotics. Custom designed braces and forms help stabilize joints and place the foot in the correct position for walking and standing; they can be especially helpful with bunions and calluses.

  • Exercise tutorials. We teach you how to care for your nail or skin condition. Proper exercise can maintain joint mobility and prevent stiffness or arthritis from developing as a result of irregular walking while the underlying condition is being addressed by other means.

  • Splints. Splints help the toes and joints align properly. This is often recommended for adolescents with bunions, because their bone development may still be adaptable.

Let Us Help Show Your Perfect Feet to the World

We don’t believe that you should go through life being self-conscious about your feet and legs. Not only is it mentally unhealthy, but it isn’t healthy for your feet. Let us help you be proud of your feet, while also easing whatever pain you may be in. Trust us: you deserve to be able to show off your feet to the world, and we can help you be proud of them.

Contact us today to set up an appointment or fill out our contact sheet. You deserve beautiful feet, and your feet deserve to be pain free. We’re waiting to hear from you.