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Getting Back in the Game with Proper Foot Injury Recovery

Fitness is extremely important for maintaining good health wellness. However, certain activities can put your feet at an increased risk for injury and long-term damage. This is why it is extremely important to include your feet’s protection when acquiring sa

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fety gear. Jogging, running, football, baseball, soccer, golf, cycling, and tennis are some of the most common sports associated with severe foot injuries.

According to the John’s Hopkins School of Medicine, nearly five million children and adults suffer from foot- and leg-related sports injuries every year. The more frequent the activity, the higher the risk of injury, especially when continuing the activity while hurt.

  • So what do you think are the odds that you or a loved one might severely hurt your foot or leg?
  • Nearly 30 million children under the age of 14 participate in some sort of fitness activity; does your child?
  • What kinds of injuries could you expect, and how would you treat them?

Sports Risks and Treatment for Foot Injuries

By no means should you stop exercising or participating in physical activities. However, it is important to understand your risks, as well as to be able to identify severe injuries in order to get treatment as soon as possible. Common sports related injuries include:

Sorry to say, these are only a few injuries that a foot and leg can sustain during active use.

Our Approach to Caring for Sports Injuries

We pride ourselves in being able to comprehensively diagnose and treatment most sports injuries without the need to force you to go to specialists. We strive to make your recovery as easy and pain-free as possible. Therefore, we have several different ways to diagnose injuries, as well as treat them.

We know that the last thing you want to do is prolong your injury, and the main thing you want to do is recover quickly so you can get back to running, jumping, and beating the other team. That’s why we think that your injury deserves respect, personal care, and complete focus—and, from your first visit, you’ll get exactly that.

Your treatment will begin with diagnostics to determine the severity of your injury. In order to rule out every possibility, we use the following diagnostic tools:

  • Physical examination

  • Computer topography

  • Ultrasound

  • X-ray

  • MRI

Once we have discovered the problem, we have the ability to explore several treatment options, depending on the type of injury. These include:

  • Cast or splints

  • Orthotics

  • Physical therapy

  • Surgery

  • Prescription footwear

  • Pre- and post-recovery exercise tutorials

Getting Back in the Game

Don’t allow a foot injury to keep you benched. Contact us today to make an appointment and see how we can eliminate your pain, work with you to strengthen your muscles, and keep you from slowing your pace.

Concerned for your injured child? No problem, we treat athletes both big and small, older and young. Your family doesn’t deserve to be in pain, let us help you get the care and support you need to continue living an active and healthy life, from head to toe.

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